Sunday, August 20, 2006

C++ must read books

So many things happened in these months that I've been without writing...

I was busy with some training, had family and friends visiting and staying with us, changed job.

Anyway I am back with some more after hours thoughts to share about different things that I found either interesting or useful.

If you are looking for C++ must read books look at the following link by the famous Scott Meyers that contains information about the 5 top C++ books to read.

I have read 3 of them and have one on my reading list:

  • The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroup
  • Effective C++ by Scott Myers
  • Design Patterns by Erich Gamma and gang

The book on my reading list is:

  • Modern C++ Design by Andrei Alexandrescu

The C++ Programming Language is a great book for learning C++ and for having as a reference book.
The Effective C++ and More Effective C++ by Scott Meyers are fundamental books to understand the things you should not do when programming C++ and how it should be done
and why. It helps to master the C++ basics and to avoid common mistakes. The Design Patterns book is fundamental for every programmer. It teachs about a common problem/solution language talking about common problems and solutions and compromises.

This C++ site seems to be a great site for C++ developers. Check it out...


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