Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CSS Summary

CSS (Cascading style sheets) are used to separate content from presentation. CSS describe the presentation of a document written most of the times in HTML. CSS is used to define colors, fonts and layout.

A style sheet file consists of a list of rules.
Each rule consists of:

  • -one or more comma-separated selectors
  • -declaration block (a list of semicolon-separated declarations in curly braces)

In CSS, selectors are used to declare which elements a style applies to, a kind of match expression. Here are some examples of selector syntax:

  • All elements: that is, using the * selector

  • By element name: e.g. for all p or h2 elements

  • Descendants: e.g. for a elements that are descendants of li elements (e.g links inside lists) the selector is li a

  • class or id attributes: e.g. .class and/or #id for elements with class="class" or id="id"

  • Adjacent elements: e.g. for all p elements preceded by h2 elements, the selector would be h2 + p

  • Direct child element: e.g. for all span elements inside p, but no span elements deeper within the hierarchy, the selector would be p > span

  • By attribute:e.g. for all <input type="text"> the selector would be input[type="text"]

Each declaration consists of a property, a colon : and a value.


p {

font-family: "Garamond", serif;


h2 {

font-size: 110%;

color: red;

background: white;


To use a CSS style sheet created a file with the sytle sheet file with the rules and link it or import it using:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="example.css" type="text/css" >
<style type="text/css"> @import "example.css"</style>

For more information on CSS follow the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_Style_Sheets


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