Friday, October 21, 2005

Java World

What to learn about Java and the Java World?

There is a good web site with podcasts about Java javaposse that contains interesting information about Java as well as interesting links . I was listening to the Java Posse Episode 2 - NewsCast for Sept 29 2005 where they provide information usefull information for Java Beginners such as:

  • There is a blog that called the Blog Ride by Ted Neward's that contains lists of recommended books about several Programming Languages like Java and C++.
  • There is a blog from Bobby Wolf from IBM that also contains information about where to learn about Java as well as information for people like me New to Java Techonlogy . That link contains a section about How to improve my Java Skills with a link to a collection of issues such about Java Theory and pratice issues. There we cand find articles about several different topics such as Java performance Java theory and practice: Urban performance legends, revisited.
  • There is also a site about Java examples that can be usefull too.
  • There is also a collection of Books on DVD that contain training on Java for beginners: Beginners Java 2 v1.5 20004 on DVD by Neal Ford.
  • There is a small compact book that I heard about it being a good book to start to read about Java: Java 5.0 Tiger a Developer's notebook by Brett McLaughlin and David Flanagan from O'Reilly.
  • As a desktop reference book I heard about the Java In a Nutshell from David Flanagan from O'Reilly.

I am also putting together some buzzwords related with the Java World:

  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans
  • Ant
  • Apache
  • TomCat
  • EJB
  • J2EE or JEE
  • JSP
  • JBoss
  • JUnit
  • Ajax


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